Who we are – acquadicocco

Jerbel Srl is an underwear manufacturing and marketing company that has been on the market for many years.

Since 1964 Fortunato Leonardo (ISA CONFEZIONI) has bet and invested in this sector.

Jerbel Srl was born in 1991 and is followed in the commercial and production aspects by the Fortunato brothers (Gianni, Giuseppe and Valerio) with a young and dynamic management style.

The company strongly believes in quality and competence so as to invest in a team of reliable people both in the production phase and in the offices;

For fifty years, the company has been producing dynamic and important garments, as well as practical and charming, made with carefully selected materials and accessories.

It's the underwear and sleepwear we're proud of. The company has its headquarters in an imposing structure, very modern and efficient in every aspect, both productive and commercial. These are the fundamental characteristics for an increasingly complex industrial reality that is keeping up with the versatility of the markets.

The distribution of our products takes place throughout Italy and in most European countries (Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Poland, Holland, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden) and is not lacking in the most prestigious international underwear fairs (Düsseldorf, Paris, Kiev, Madrid, New York and Moscow) to offer our products and lines to customers from all over the world.